By Daniel Wilson.

18 races, 15 wins and 11 front row lock-outs – it’s been a season to remember for Mercedes and for F1. Two teammates and friends have battled it out from lights out in Melbourne for the ultimate prize in motorsport.

And now, one of them will be crowned world champion of 2014 at this weekend’s season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

However, despite Lewis Hamilton leading Nico Rosberg by 17 points, the controversial double points system means its anyone’s championship.

Here’s a look at how Lewis Hamilton can win his second title:

  • Finish ahead of Rosberg.
  • Finish second if Rosberg wins.
  • Finish fifth or higher if Rosberg is second.
  • Finish eighth or higher if Rosberg misses out on the podium.
  • Hope Nico is sixth or lower if Lewis doesn’t score.

Here’s how Nico Rosberg can win his maiden championship:

  • Win the race with Lewis third or lower.
  • Finish second with Lewis sixth.
  • Be on the podium with Lewis ninth.
  • Finish fifth or higher if Lewis does not score.

There is no doubt that either driver could still win the championship as concerns over reliability, safety cars and crashes could – judging my previous seasons – throw a spanner in the works.

If I’m honest though, I think Lewis deserves it more. He has won twice as many races as Nico, had more reliability problems including in qualifying and was taken out of the Belgian GP by his own teammate, losing 18 points to the German.

Although nothing is certain in F1. We just need to hope we have a clean, fair race to decide the outcome on Sunday.

What are your predictions for the championship? Take part in our poll below:

Are you excited for this weekend’s finale?

What do you make of this season?

Leave your thoughts and comments below!


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