By Daniel Wilson.

Lewis Hamilton has always been a force to be reckoned with in Formula One, and has dominated it for the last two seasons. However, up until this point, his charge towards a fourth world title has been thwarted by unreliability.

But after his incredible performance at the weekend’s British Grand Prix, he has pretty much pressed the reset button on 2016 and we’re not even halfway.

ham uk
Lewis Hamilton pulled out three seconds on Nico Rosberg in the first sector of the race alone.

After taking his fourth win in five races, he has narrowed the deficit to his teammate to a single point – the closest it’s been all season. And let’s not forget the start to the year Hamilton has had. Going into Monaco, the gap was 43 points in Rosberg’s favour.

Lewis’ maturity and mental attitude is plain to see. Despite a rocky road in Baku a few weeks back, his recent form has been unassailable and it’s the championship leader that needs to find a response.

ham uk 16
Hamilton shared his celebrations with his thousands of fans.

Hamilton owned Silverstone this time out, and his race control in both wet and dry conditions was the stuff of champions, managing a healthy enough gap to his teammate while reducing the wear to his limited engine collection.

mansell uk
Lewis equals Nigel Mansell’s record of four British GP wins.

Crowd surfing is rarely seen at a race track, but it demonstrates Lewis’ confidence and heroism in the eyes of his home fans who believe he can overcome the issues he still faces to claim another championship.

He knows now, as do his supporters, that he will be starting at the back of the field for a race or two later in the season when he goes beyond his engine allowance. But with his teammate dropping points quickly and on the receiving end of steward penalties, the psychological ball is firmly in the Englishman’s court.

ros sign
The British sense of humour didn’t go unnoticed.

Don’t forget that in 2014, he was chasing all season long, and that brought out the best in him as he won six of the last seven races that year. There is no denying he has everything possible to give us a repeat performance.



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