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By Daniel Wilson.

When you speak of Formula One, it’s likely the first team to spring to mind would be Ferrari. Their history is brighter than the red of their Scuderia cars, but recently, the team haven’t converted their huge potential into success.

They have had a golden chance to win three of the first seven races this season, but as yet have faled to stand on the top step of the podium in 2016.

At the first race in Australia, a strategic error from the pit wall ensured Sebastian Vettel lost a likely victory because the team fitted the wrong tyres during the red flag period after Fernando Alonso’s huge accident. He came home third behind the two Mercedes.

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Australian Grand Prix - Race Day - Melbourne, Australia
Sebastian Vettel made the perfect getaway in Melbourne.

In Spain, Ferrari could and should have had a one-two finish after the Silver Arrows dramatically crashed out on the first lap. However, an extra pit stop for Vettel took him out of contention and a charging Kimi Raikkonen could not make a move on a newly-promoted Max Verstappen, who became the youngest ever Grand Prix winner. I can’t help but feel had Vettel or another driver been in Kimi’s Ferrari, they would’ve passed the Red Bull.

f1 3
Kimi Raikkonen sat behind the Red Bull for nearly 20 laps in Spain.

And then comes this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix. After a disappointing result in Monaco, Ferrari looked to be back on form, qualifying within two tenths of a second off pole position in third. At lights out, Sebastian Vettel powered past the two Merc’s to lead into turn one, just as he did in Australia. And during the first stint, he was able to keep Lewis Hamilton behind.

But then came another risky strategy call. Vettel pitted on lap 11, committing to a two-stop strategy because they believed the tyres wouldn’t last as long as they have in previous races in Montreal.

f1 5
Vettel missed the last chicane twice in the final stint of the Canadian Grand Prix.

They were wrong. Lewis Hamilton stayed out and pitted thirteen laps later to fit the soft tyres, which would go to the end. Vettel pitted on lap 37 and set about catching his rival, but Hamilton’s tyres held up and it was the German who made mistakes, missing the last chicane twice on his way to a disappointing second place.

f1 6
Ferrari dominated F1 with Michael Schumacher from 2000-2004.

Things need to change at Maranello. Maurizio Arrivabene is certainly full of passion and guided Ferrari to three victories in 2015. But this season, with a car that’s more than a match for Mercedes, they simply haven’t delivered, and under the management running the team in the early 2000’s, those races would’ve been won.


Make ups and Shake ups in the drivers market?

Sebastian Vettel’s announcement that he is leaving Red Bull has certainly thrown the drivers market into turmoil.

Following his decision at the Japanese Grand Prix nearly two weeks ago, a degree of uncertainty has been thrown into the circus that is motorsport.

Several drivers face an uncertain future for next year’s season, not to mention Fernando Alonso, who is believed to be leaving his beloved Ferrari team after five years, following strained relations with the team since the resignation of Stefano Domenicali and a more uncompetitive car.

Many people believe he is going to McLaren, who could be more successful in 2015 as they revert back to the Honda engine.

But that move could prove costly for the grid’s most experienced driver, Jenson Button.

However, whilst Alonso is clearly one of the best drivers in the world, despite being the ripe old age of 33, McLaren have always been keen to preserve a young line-up, which could play into the hands of Kevin Magnussen, who is hoping to retain his rookie seat next year.

Although, few people have been keen to talk about Kimi Raikkonen. Could he be forced out of the team to set up a Vettel-Alonso super team? – that would be an interesting partnership to say the least!

Some have even hinted Alonso could take a year out in the hope of joining Mercedes in 2016 – who many believe will be the team to beat in the coming seasons.

But I don’t think they will be in a hurry to oust Nico or Lewis anytime soon!

In truth then, it’s all gossip and opinion at the moment, so we’ll all just have to wait for an announcement from Ferrari and McLaren to finish off the 2015 F1 puzzle.